Site-specific happening

On October 15th, 2017, I gave four volunteers letters to wear on their backs – L, O, S, and T – and drove them, blindfolded, to an undisclosed corner of Minneapolis. I dropped them off one by one on different corners, removed their blindfolds, and gave them each a written outline of a designated area of the city, wherein they now stood. They were tasked with finding one another within this area, without knowing where the others had been left, to be completed within 2 hours. 1.5 hours after starting to walk, all four had convened, and the piece concluded.

This work was choreographed to induce the feeling of uncertainty and dislocation that comes with searching when you do not know whether you are moving closer to your goal or farther away. It was also designed to be a contradiction: the word "lost" could only be spelled when the letters had been found.

Leia Wambach (L)
Christian Pederson Behrends (O)
Justin Allen (S)
Naomi Crocker (T)