Neatline Maps

Under the name Neatline Maps, I take orders for customized handmade street maps. Rendered in colored pencil on cream paper, they are simple, elegant, and one-of-a-kind pieces to celebrate your favorite place

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Find ready-to-buy maps of Chicagoland at Buddy Chicago! 

How to Order a Neatline Map

1) Choose a location -- city, town, rural county... you name it, I’ll map it! (Keep in mind, my maps show only streets, highways, train tracks, and water features.) 

2) Choose a size -- small, medium, or large:

8” x 10” 

Small maps are ideal for neighborhoods and small towns. 

12” x 16”

Medium maps are well suited to towns and small cities.

18” x 24”

Large maps are perfect for cities!

3) Choose your color way -- Classic or Natural:

Classic uses bold, graphic colors: roads in Poppy Red, highways in Crimson, train tracks in Slate Gray, and water features in Lake Blue

Natural uses subdued, organic colors: roads in Pumpkin Orange, highways in Tuscan Red, train tracks in Moss Green, and water features in Jade

4) Fill out an order form: this Google Form will ask you for all the specifics, plus details about shipping and the chance to request special features! Lead time for maps is 2-3 weeks. 

5) Make payment:
after receiving your order, I will email you with a PayPal invoice as well as a Venmo link -- use whichever you prefer!