Land of Sky-Tinted Water
Reflective mylar
57.5" x 160"

Water and lakes are an integral part of Minnesota's identity. They show up in its nickname, 'Land of 10,000 Lakes,' and in the Lakota origin of the word Minnesota itself (translated as 'clouded blue water,' or more poetically, 'sky-tinted water'). The lakes have become a symbol of the state, a shorthand way of referring to its population, its landscape, its history. But Minnesota is more complex than any one symbol, and its complexity as a place is just as well reflected in its urban streets as in its 10,000 lakes.

This installation was part of Represent, the 2016 iteration of the Made Here project, which places work by Minnesota artists in downtown storefronts and public spaces. The piece was on view in the second-floor window of 930 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis (facing 10th St) from May to September 2016.